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Diamonds In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough (DITR), is a faith-based, non-denominational, women/youth development and leadership program dedicated to "Transforming the world . . . One child, one family, one community at a time". DITR offers a variety of preventative programs and enrichment activities designed to build self-esteem, character, and leadership skills. : To empower, promote, equip young ladies between the ages 6-18 of to become positive role models in our communities.

Empowering young ladies between 6 - 18
Building positive role models and women for the future
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The Lord's Work In Action

Treasure Jennings

Fellow Christian

The Fountain of Grace has provided me with a great foundation, the pastor and co pastor are awesome leaders, their guidance in my recovery have been superb, They are both great spiritual sponsors to have.

Minister Marie

Fellow Christian

Since being at the Fountain of Grace, as a result of learning that recovery encompasses more than chemical addiction. Although that is a part of my history, I came to realize that through the process of learning about spiritual recovery that I was still holding on to hurts from my childhood - that for years I thought I had let go of and was healed from.

Sister Sonja Brock

Fellow Christian

Hello my name is Sister Sonya Brock and I just want to thank God for my pastors how they have help me through the years by getting me on the straight and narrow road I met them in 2017 and I was going through some things.