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Grace Café Recovery HUB of Slavic Village

Grace Café Recovery HUB of Slavic Village is designed to feed, provides support and solutions for those living with substance use disorders, hurts, habit and hangups. We aim to empower, connect and advocate for individuals and their families, in all stages of recovery.

This recovery HUB opening is the culmination of much hard work, dedication, loss, sadness, and most of all hope. It really is a dream come true for us and we pray for this community. Our goal is to operate and fulfill vital services. We define recovery as the volume of internal and external assets to initiate and sustain recovery from severe alcohol or other drug problems as well as hurts, habits and hangups. .... In other words, we all need help, we all are dealing with something. Grace café Recovery Hub is here to help and provide resources that a person needs available to find and maintain their recovery."

Grace Café Recovery Hub overlaps with and is almost always married to a Recovery Community Organization (RCO). The Hub has partnered with Recovery Resources, our aim is to offering help and hope to people affected by alcohol, drugs and behavioral health disorders. The HUB is a local resource by and for the community that supports people recovering from substance use and behavioral health disorders for the purpose of building and establishing higher recovery capital in real time and with real outcomes. The mission of The HUB is to increase community access to recovery and other resources and help support and build up the individual who walks in with little to no hope of sustained recovery. the HUB /recovery resources will provide support and solutions for those living with behavioral health and substance use disorders as well as their family and friends via walk-in, or call. 

Increase opportunities for community access and recover resources and spiritual health and wellness
Feeds and supports this dealing with substance abuse
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The Lord's Work In Action

Treasure Jennings

Fellow Christian

The Fountain of Grace has provided me with a great foundation, the pastor and co pastor are awesome leaders, their guidance in my recovery have been superb, They are both great spiritual sponsors to have.

Minister Marie

Fellow Christian

Since being at the Fountain of Grace, as a result of learning that recovery encompasses more than chemical addiction. Although that is a part of my history, I came to realize that through the process of learning about spiritual recovery that I was still holding on to hurts from my childhood - that for years I thought I had let go of and was healed from.

Sister Sonja Brock

Fellow Christian

Hello my name is Sister Sonya Brock and I just want to thank God for my pastors how they have help me through the years by getting me on the straight and narrow road I met them in 2017 and I was going through some things.