The History Behind

Fountain Of Grace Ministries

Fountain of Grace Ministries Inc. A non-denominational Ministry was given to Pastor Albert J. Lewis Sr. According to Zechariah 13:1 By the leading of the Holy Spirit in 2006. Which says: In that day a fountain shall be opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanliness. 

Pastor Albert J. Lewis Sr. and Co-Pastor First Lady Marnetta Lewis were both born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  Pastor Lewis had completed 3 Bible Schools; 2 - 1 year and 1 - 3 year program at RHEMA Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He was called to ministry at The Church Of The Lion Of Judah, Under Bishop Romey Coles, they met each other in church when Pastor Lewis was called on by Pastor Coles to pray for and lay hands on Marnetta in the Prayer Line of Service.  Where Pastor Lewis was Outreach Minister in 2006.

After prayer Marnetta signed up to do outreach ministry and they began to talk. They saw that they had the same visions and dreams and Pastor Lewis felt in his heart that this was the woman that the lord sent to him.

As they communicated they dated.  Pastor Lewis was given the call to develop = A Recovery Ministry.  A ministry that helps people get free from all kinds of addictions.  A 12 steps for christian class called G.R.A.C.E. (Gaining-Recovery-At-Christ-Expense), where he began at the Salvation Army on Hough Ave in 2006. Then he expanded to both Hough and Downtown Harbor Light complex where he teamed up with the great late Major Dorothy Lykes who we called (Major Mom).  Who was over Recovery Services and the Chapel Services.  Where Pastor Lewis & his wife held weekly Grace classes on Thursdays and Saturdays from 2006 - 2009.

They then expanded to the Glenville YMCA after which God called him to the Mount Pleasant area.  Where we met an old childhood friend when he visited The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  The Pastor was the childhood friend , Pastor Dwayne Simmons where he became  a part of the ministry team and where he was married to Marnetta in 2008. 

The two began to fulfill the call of outreach together in 2008.  They then met Rev. Estella Hawkins who offered them a house which they had been looking for to live in.  The Lord was pressing on them to go into the City of East Cleveland where they both had lived at one time in their early life.  They never thought that the both of them would be being sent by God to do outreach ministry many years later in a place where they both lived as young adults. 


So they took and moved the ministry of G.R.A.C.E into East Cleveland, a city that was infested with drugs and violence.  The end of 2008 Pastor and Lady Lewis opened up their new home for the GRACE Bible Studies and began to teach at their home.  They teamed up with Rev. Doug Ramsey and his wife Andrea to do prison ministry, to have service in the prison in the state of Ohio preaching the word of God to the prisoners, at which time Pastor Lewis felt the call to pastor, so they held Sunday services in their home.  They grew out of their home, at which time Pastor Lewis met another Pastor named Pastor Phillip Jones of The United Temple Church where Pastor Jones invited them to bring their congregation into their building.  

So they went and began having early morning Sunday services and Grace Bible Class on Thursday evenings Pastor Lewis was not ordained yet and Pastor Jones ordained Pastor Lewis in 2010 and confirmed him as Pastor of The Fountain of Grace Outreach Ministries and Christian Center.

There he heard God say through Pastor Jones build your ministry, build you, not knowing all of what God was doing Pastor Lewis and his wife Lady Lewis spoke of having a children’s ministry and God gave then the vision of D.V.A. Drug Violence Awareness Youth Program.  Teaching kids 8 to 16 the harmful effects drugs, violence and bullying can have on their life.

This program would include a DVA t-shirt, a field trip, 6 week curriculum, with graduation and certificate. A picnic for the children to bring their whole family, with service in the park, baptism in Lake Erie also at the end of the summer right after school begins a do-it-for-the-children (No Child Left Behind) back to school festival where they pass out book bags full of school supplies, free hotdogs, chips and pop, along with games, music, guest speakers, vendors and more.

The Lord blessed this ministry the first year in 2010 to bless over 300 children and an altar call of over 500 people.  They baptized over 30 parents with their children at Euclid Beach in Lake Erie.  They gave coats to school age children with their annual coat drive, they gave over 200 turkey baskets for Thanksgiving at their annual Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway, and over 100 toys at their Give a Gift Jesus Program.  All of these programs are still up and running today.  Thirteen (13) years later, after taking this ministry in the Hough neighborhood, Glenville, Mount Pleasant, East Cleveland, Akron, Alliance, Streetsboro, Canton and back to Cleveland in Slavic Village.

 We are now celebrating our 5th year in the Slavic Village community.  In the past 4 years with your help and prayers, we have supplied meals for over 10,000 of less fortunate families along with a hygiene package, PPE package, thousands of school supplies and backpacks and turkey baskets, Christmas toys and more, in our community.   In 2020 our theme was 2020 Clear Vision the Lewis’ started the year off with being given The Cleveland Public Library 150th year Unsung Drum Major of Change Award on Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, then in the month of May they received the Slavic Village 2020 Visionary award presented by The Slavic Village Development Corporation.

During COVID 19, all of the core team of the Fountain have had their boots on the ground seeing the numbers of the hungry rise every week at our weekly community meal our families with school age children experiencing very difficult times.  We all did not stop through the pandemic with the every week feeding and all our giving programs along with keeping the church doors open all year.

Pastor Lewis and First Lady Lewis who has now during the pandemic was ordained Co-Pastor Lewis by Bishop Samuel Hampton II, of The Faith Place of Akron Ohio.  Pastor and now Co-Pastor Lewis knew the risk of COVID 19 was high and the need was great for those that were going hungry right at our front and back door.  God said to Pastor Lewis you must go to the extreme and he would keep us safe.  We have worked nonstop through the pandemic and not one of us got COVID never did we shut the community meal or church down.  God sustains us and keeps his hand on us all.  We took the word from God and use it as our theme for the year.  Extreme Grace and extreme love this year and into all the years to come. The Lewis’ were given this motto in 2010 “We Will Believe God For Everything and Doubt Him For Nothing!”  We are the abundant overflowing provision of God in the earth.

Be blessed!


What They're Saying About Us

Treasure Jennings

Fellow Christian

The Fountain of Grace has provided me with a great foundation, the pastor and co pastor are awesome leaders, their guidance in my recovery have been superb, They are both great spiritual sponsors to have.

Minister Marie

Fellow Christian

Since being at the Fountain of Grace, as a result of learning that recovery encompasses more than chemical addiction. Although that is a part of my history, I came to realize that through the process of learning about spiritual recovery that I was still holding on to hurts from my childhood - that for years I thought I had let go of and was healed from.

Sister Sonya Brock

Fellow Christian

Hello my name is Sister Sonya Brock and I just want to thank God for my pastors how they have help me through the years by getting me on the straight and narrow road I met them in 2017 and I was going through some things.